Legends: A Haunting at Old Town

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For undertakers, healthy townsfolk equal unhealthy business. Coffins lie empty and cremation ovens grow cold.  If everyone lives, the undertaking business dies. But the Ashdown family had a solution…

Since 1889, Ashdown and Son’s Undertakers have offered affordable, high quality funeral services to the good people of Old Town. In that time they have laid thousands of clients to rest… Unfortunately, many of those clients were still alive… a minute matters to these murderous morticians. You see, death is how the Ashdowns make a living and business has been very good… til’ now.

It seems the dead won’t stay dead and those brave enough to venture into the haunted funeral parlor of the Ashdown’s might find themselves trapped between the wickedness of the living and the wrath of the dead.

“Legends: A Haunting at Old Town” combines live actors, detailed sets and state-of-the-art effects to deliver the perfect combination of fun and fear!

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