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At Old Town Kissimmee, we are committed to ensuring all our guests have a pleasant experience. Our accessibility features are designed to accommodate guests with various needs so that everyone can enjoy all that Old Town offers, from shopping and dining to entertainment and attractions. We are always looking to make our attraction more accessible so if you have a specific need or need clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions or suggestions.

Parking and Entrance Accessibility

Old Town Kissimmee provides ample accessible parking spaces close to all main entrances for easy access to the property. These spaces are designated for vehicles displaying valid disability parking permits. Our entrances are wheelchair accessible, ensuring smooth entry for all visitors.

Accessible Restrooms

We have several accessible restrooms throughout Old Town. These facilities have wider doors, adequate turning space, and appropriate fixtures to cater to our guests with disabilities.

Service Animals

Old Town welcomes service animals. Guests who rely on service animals can bring them into all venues. We adhere to ADA guidelines concerning service animals to ensure that all our guests who require assistance can have their service animals with them.

Wheel the world

Old Town is committed to accessibility for all, which is why we've partnered with Wheel the World (WTW), an organization dedicated to facilitating accessible travel experiences. Through this partnership, WTW Partners Care conducts a comprehensive assessment of our property and provides a detailed list of insights to ensure inclusivity.

Old Town offers accessible paths and trails, convenient seating areas, wide doors and entryways, and is service dog friendly. We also provide visual notifications for individuals with hearing disabilities, among other accessibility features. For more details, please visit the Old Town listing on the Wheel the World (WTW) website.